When people feel the need to share their displeasure or criticism with you more often than not they are specific, even forensic. In my experience the same cannot be said when it comes to sharing encouragement. Vague encouragement simply doesn't hit the mark....it misses it by a mile. I'm learning the powerful impact of clear cut encouragement. 

Clear cut means: unambiguously clear; completely evident; definite:

That's why today I'm challenging you to be a Clear Cut Encourager!

Here's a few way to be more clear cut in your encouragement this week:

  1. When you say thank you, say what you are thankful for.
  2. Always follow encouragement with another positive thought.
  3. Expect there to be an opportunity everyday to give encouragement.
  4. Single someone out today for encouragement.
  5. In your next meeting, comment on someone's good character traits and explain why.
  6. Pick the perfect card.
  7. Highlight the less obvious traits and the unseen achievements.
  8. Look them in the eye when you encourage them.
  9. Shake them by the hand.
  10. Encourage someone at the table before every meal time, every day for the rest of your life.