How To Find More Time

If you're searching for more time I've some valuable advice for you - STOP.

Stop searching for more time, you don’t find it by looking for time itself. The biggest mistake people make when trying to find time is to waste the precious little time they already have trying to find more time! Instead look for purpose. Trust me, purpose is the pathway to having more time.

A word of caution however - not all purpose is the same. Some is manufactured, fake or even worse, someone else’s. You've got to discover your personal, real, authentic purpose to activate the pathway to having more time. One is a warm glow, the other a blazing fire - it's the blazing fire that you're going to need.

Here's what happens when you find it....

Purpose Activates Motivation

Purpose is the initial spark that lights a fire called motivation. Motivation is the reason for acting or behaving in a particular way. It gets the engine started and gives you more than hope, it puts you in the driving seat and dares you to put your foot on the gas.

Motivation Creates Momentum

When motivation kicks in you create something called momentum. In simple terms momentum is the impetus gained by a moving object and that moving object is YOU. This is when you are doing something that causes movement in the right direction. At first glance it can appear that you're waisting time building momentum when what you really need is more time, but look what happens next....

Momentum Generates Capacity

When momentum is in your life it causes you to break through obstacles that previously stopped you in your tracks. It causes you to jump higher and run faster than ever before. Momentum is a wonderful thing because it makes the ordinary extraordinary - trust me, I know. All of a sudden your capacity is enlarged and nothing seems to be able to slow you down or drag you backwards. You seem to be able to hold more than before and your confidence peaks as you sense you're close to finding that elusive extra time you once foolishly searched for in vain.

Capacity Reveals Time

When you create capacity in your life it reveals what you've been looking for. There is no short cut to finding more time, you can't add a few extra hours to your day or another day in your week. Time is revealed when you increase your capacity, which is generated by momentum, which required motivation, which was ignited by purpose...….

Don't waste your time searching for more time, spend it find your purpose in life.

And when you're running out of time again?

You guessed it...

Find more purpose....