3 Ways To Fine Tune Your Team

Gone are the days of the annual appraisal and unacceptable are the days of leaving staff to their own devices to grow. This responsibility falls on the shoulders of the leader and the smart ones realise they have a huge responsibility for the development of their staff and core team.

So how do we create a culture where our core team keeps growing?

The focus required for growth should really be on health. If the goal is growth, then the frequency we need to tune into is the health of the person you're leading. I've heard it said many times that 'healthy things grow' and that long term success is the result of fine tuning on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. I know this to be true in my own life, and have learnt through my personal development journey that there are some simple fine tuning that keeps me healthy


Here are 3 simple ways to fine tune your staff, creating a healthy growth culture in their lives;


1. Tune Out

Give time for your key staff to tune out of the stress, pressure and anything else that's weighing heavy on their mind. Everyone benefits from a mind cleanse and tuning out of their regular routine. For many, vacation times don't always energise - they can often be more exhausting than their regular day-to-day especially if they're with family. Providing an annual (or more regular) time to retreat and tune out, (that is part of their role description), would force them to tune out and refresh their body, soul & spirit. Consider budgeting a 'tuning out' retreat into the way you lead and develop your key staff - you'll find yourself with a healthy, growing team and experience long term success.


2. Tune In

Every so often we get so busy, we get off course and stray into another lane. So how do we help our key staff stay tuned into the right frequency; the vision, the mission, the values? In the business of the mission, especially when success comes, it's easy to get static and interference that hinders progress. One way to tune in your key staff is to host a staff retreat. A staff retreat is simply taking a few days or even a week to tune into the 'why' and 'what' of the organisation. A staff retreat can help considerably but beware, they can be a blessing or a burden. They can become confusing or they can bring clarity. Design your staff retreat so it brings clarity to the vision and meaning to the mission. Give space and time for thinking, feedback and collaboration, creating a sense of ownership.


3. Tune Up

Not only do we want our staff to tune out to get refreshed and tune in to stay aligned but we can encourage them to tune up. I always find it beneficial to ask my key staff how they would like to grow and develop, asking what training they think they need. A brave leader has the courage to ask their followers how they would like to develop, is there a conference they would like to attend or someone they could like to spend time with to learn from? Invest budget and give time in the schedule for your key team to tune up to a higher frequency and reap the benefits of a growing, highly skilled team.


Tuning in, out and up starts with every leader placing their hands on the dial and initiating the fine tuning for their team. Be a leader committed to the future and healthy development of your staff by taking responsibility for helping them fine tune their growth journey.