8 Questions For Your Leadership Journey

Everyone's leadership journey begins with a seed - a seed of potential. The seed is packed with potential but unaware of the pitfalls and/or the greatness that could come of that seed. Thinking we can navigate this journey of development and maturity on our own is at best foolish! We all need coaches and mentors in our lives - some for the whole journey and others for a season. Believing that we all need others speaking into our lives, here are 8 questions to ask yourself on your personal leadership journey.

Here are 8 questions for your leadership journey;


1. Who Is Believing In Me?

We know that a seed has potential hidden within it but we are also aware that every seed needs to be believed in. Who is believing in your leadership potential? Are you listening to the right people? At this, the most crucial stage of your leadership journey, find someone who has faith in what you can become. It is faith that gives the seed courage to begin, not knowing what is ahead, but leaning on the belief that something great is ahead.


2. Who Is Nurturing Me?

Soon the seed of your potential begins to take hold and there is movement within. These are delicate times, you're fragile and the simplest shift in environment can set you back or worse, cause you to give up. Who is speaking into your life in this nurturing phase of the journey? You'll need someone with the strength of character that can keep you focused and help you stay rooted during the winds of adversity.


3. Who Is Watering Me?

Growing is thirsty work. Without refreshment, you become parched and weak. In the dry months of your leadership journey, is there someone watering your soul? When you feel vulnerable and out of idea's, you'll benefit from having someone in your world that is like a fountain of fresh water that speaks life, refreshing you with enthusiasm, optimism and cheering you on to the next phase of your journey.


4. Who Is Feeding Me?

Leading requires stretching and reaching higher than you've ever been before. All this stretching takes it out of you and you'll soon realise you need to fuel your fire. Who is feeding you? Who is fuelling your fire and keeping your strength in peak condition? It's not always easy to find the right food in the early years of your leadership journey. In fact, your dietary requirements change as you shift through your journey - who is helping you get the right stuff inside so you can begin to expand on the outside? And remember - what you're feeding on is as important as who you're feeding from.


5. Who Is Strengthening Me?

As you begin to grow and reach higher in your leadership development, you'll be going to places you've never been before. You may find you're out of your comfort zone and prone to over stretching. Having someone to support you throughout your accelerated growth is essential. Who can you rely on? Who can be your stake in the ground, taking some of the weight and strain? 


6. Who Is Pruning Me?

With all this growth, development and success, comes confidence and dare I say it.....pride. Yes, we can start believing we're way more effective than we really are and this leads to being bent out of shape. The Bible says in the book of Proverbs 16:18 that pride comes before a fall - a lesson many developing leaders learn the hard way! Who do you allow to give honest feedback and speak openly about where you're headed, your behaviours and character? If you don't have someone pruning you, you'll grow out of shape and into something you were never meant to be.


7. Who Is Training Me?

Strong healthy leadership understands that to continue being strong and healthy requires constant attention and a belief that leadership is a journey, not a destination. How have you grown in your character in the last 6 months? Who is training, mentoring and coaching you to the next level? If nobody, then your leadership journey ends right here and your full potential won't be realised. Who is telling you that there is so much more in you? I was inspired recently listening to John C Maxwell speak. John is the #1 leadership expert in the world, 69 years of age, written too many books to count and has accumulated enough wealth to retire and live well into retirement - yet, he is still committed to his learning and development, possibly more so than ever before in his life. If John, at his stage in life is still learning, then I'm convinced that we all still have something to learn. Never stop learning.


8. Who Is Climbing In My Branches?

Every leader comes to the understanding that leadership is not a position, it's a privilege. And that privilege is to serve others and value people, seeing them be all they can be. When you grow into a strong leader, encourage others, younger leaders especially, to climb in your branches.

Who are you believing in? Who are you giving shelter too? Who are you encouraging to explore their potential and test their courage, building character and strength.

Our leadership journey was never really about us, it's always been about others.....