A Positive Spirit Lifts

There is a fight going on in your day-to-day life between a Negative Spirit and a Positive Spirit.

If a Negative Spirit Pulls Down then a Positive Spirit Lifts Up.


Here are 11 things a Positive Spirit lifts:

A positive spirit lifts your HEAD

It's amazing how a positive spirt can change your posture! Your head is up, shoulders back, you look up and see a bright future.


A positive spirit lifts your FAITH

When you have a positive spirit you begin to believe anything is possible. You don't see obstacles, you see possibilites, clear roads and open doors.


A positive spirit lifts your EXPECTATION

And because anything is possible you are expectant of what's coming next. Every morning is an opportunity, every person you meet is a new friendship and every evening is the eve of another exciting day just waiting to dawn.


A positive spirit lifts your TALK

Words have power. They can hurt or they can heal - words are seldom neutral. A positive spirt can't entertain words of hurt and thus fills you with words of healing and life. Your words are life to everyone you encounter and soon you're the person everyone wants to be around.


A positive spirit lifts your WALK

Positive people also have negative thoughts - they just don't let them control them. They choose to be positive and it changes their walk. There is an air of confidence when they pass you in the street. There is a bounce in their step and every step is taken with a sense of purpose and expectancy.


A positive spirit lifts your CREATIVITY

When you believe anything is possible it changes the way you think and create. You try things you wouldn't have normally thought were possible. This produces creativity and lots of it as you try new things believing the glass ceiling is there to be broken through.


A positive spirit lifts your ENERGY

A positive spirit is best friends with energy - they kind of go hand in hand. Instead of sucking the life out of you, a positive spirit blows energy into your sails and you find yourself able to go further, faster and higher than ever before.


A positive spirit lifts your FRIENDS

A positive person will always have lots of friends - fact. Just look around in your friendship group to see it's true.


A positive spirit lifts your HEALTH

There is something uplifting about a positive spirt that it's able to lift your health. It's unexplainable but it seems to work!


A positive spirit lifts your FAMILY

As a parent I understand that I play a huge role in the future of my children positively or negatively. A comment, a look or attitude can spur them onto greatness or contain them.


A positive spirit lifts your DREAMS

Not everyone dreams. A negative spirit is a dream killer whilst a positive spirit is a dream maker!


Choose to feed your positive spirit today and starve that negative spirit so he never bothers you again. Any more thoughts on how a Positiver Spirit Lifts? Share them below....