Commit To Personal Growth

People who keep getting stuck fail to see results because they are too busy with other 'stuff' and neglect their own personal growth and development. Many people struggle to even achieve comfortable mediocrity at best in their own life and thus are so far off the pace that they are not equipped to impact the people in the organisation they are part of. When you commit to personal growth you change all that.

If you are serious about committing to growing yourself and/or giving your team the investment they deserve....and you’re willing to be open minded enough to learn from others, which will be challenging and may stretch you in ways you're not used to, then you need to consider these three essential steps:


1. Being Intentional

Put simply, knowing isn’t the same as growing. Old age may happen automatically, but growth doesn’t necessarily come with experience. Growth will not happen unless you choose to be intentional about it. Growing to your potential begins with living intentionally and committing to making the investments required to see success in your day-to-day leadership.


2. Being Aware

Growth requires having awareness. To know yourself, you must first know yourself. To reach your potential you must know where you want to go and where you're starting from. This involves having the courage to look in the mirror and ask some difficult questions. Only then can you set your course and step towards change and expansive growth.


3. Being Accountable

If you want to become more consistent in your growth, you need to choose to become accountable for your intentions so they become actions. If you want to grow, accountability is essential. Growth thrives when you are in the right environment with the right people at the right time. When you invite the right people into your world of personal development, you activate the essential component for sustained success - accountability.