Creating Capacity

Our perspective as we look towards a new year can be either energising or it can be overwhelming. It is all too easy to focus on the fact that a new year increases COMPLICATIONS. I’m determined to focus on the belief that a new year has great capacity to increase my CAPACITY.

What if the potential that exists in us is largely untapped? Many would believe that when we FOCUS on limits, we create them and when we FOCUS on our potential, we find opportunities to break them - I’m in agreement!

So, how do we tap into our potential and move from feeling overwhelmed to energised?


Here’s one idea....


Stop Thinking MORE WORK and start thinking WHAT WORKS

The answer is not to keep adding to our 'TO-DO list' and realising that life is about being more and not just doing more. Paying attention to who we are and what we are called to do will see greater success than if we just set out into this new year doing more without clarity and purpose.


Consider these 3 questions:

1. The Responsibility Question: What do we need to do?

There are some things we just ought to do. What are the things that need doing, the things are are essential? Make time to get off to a great start by putting the first things first.


2. The Stewardship Question: What gives the greatest return?

We all have different gifts, talents and resources. Consider what you are best at and work how to do more of it. Where do you see the greatest results? What is your best position on the pitch? Find it again and play your heart out.


3. The Calling Question: What gives us the greatest reward?

What gets you out of bed on a morning? You’ll see greater results if you do this more often! Are there opportunities to weave your dreams and calling into your day-to-day?


Take time this week to think on these questions and refuse to be overwhelmed by the year ahead, instead, being energised through clarity of purpose and identity.