Lunch & Learn

There are many ways to grow and develop yourself. Enrolling in a course, attending a seminar or reading books - but one of the most effective ways to increase your knowledge and equip you for success is to 'Lunch & Learn'.

If we would only look closer, we will find that within our network of friendships and associates we have some of the most brilliant minds in society. There are people in your world that you can not only learn from but also be inspired to think bigger and be more creative with your dream. I recently had lunch with a friend and it transformed how I thought about how I interact with people through my website. Another time I lunched and learn't with a friend and creative strategist and learnt things in 30 minutes that would have taken years to understand.

Most people are busy and trying to get a meeting can be a big ask. But everyone takes a lunch break. Lunching and learning is simply asking if you can buy someone lunch and asking them to teach you something - it's that simple. You can have some specific questions or goals for the lunch but often it's just as rewarding listening to your lunch guest talk and share what they think on just about anything!


Here's five simple tips for an effective Lunch and Learn:

#1. Have the courage to ask.

Sometimes we simply don't have the courage to ask the person because we hold ourselves in such low esteem. Break free from this thinking and be courageous. And how you ask is just as important. When you clearly explain that you think you could learn so much from a short lunch with them, they are more likely to make time for you. In short, be clear, be precise and be humble.


#2 Pick up the bill.

Whether or not your guest is an executive in the city or a single mother of five, this is all on your tab. Realise the investment you're making as invaluable and an opportunity to invest in your personal development. Eat at a restaurant suitable for the person you're lunching with and make them as comfortable as possible. The more comfortable they are, the more you'll learn from them.


#3 Listen.

Realise you're not there to teach them - you're there to learn from them! Come ready with ears to listen, bring a notebook and make sure you are ready to take it all in.


#4 Show gratitude.

Be sure to make sure they understand how grateful you are for them taking the time to lunch with you. Gratitude paves the way for great relationship.


#5 Make it a lifestyle.

Don't lunch and learn once and then give up on this amazing resource. Endeavour to lunch and learn regularly with lots of different types of people. In a recent post I talked about 15 people you need in your world - start here and bring lunching and learning into your ongoing personal growth plan.