10 Keys To Getting The Right Volunteers

1. Be The Right Leader.

We attract those similar to ourselves. Be the volunteer you want to recruit.

2. Be Selective.

Don’t be afraid to be picky. Are you prepared to hurt someones feelings?

3. Don't Advertise.

The best way to get the right volunteers is word of mouth. The great volunteers you already have are way better than any advertisement you could come up with. Set them free and add incentives if they introduce a great volunteer to team.

4. If You Do Advertise, Do it In The Right Places.

Sometimes we do need to advertise. If this is the case, don’t scatter, plant the seed in the right ground. You will reach a harvest and where you plant will determine how it turns out.

5. Be The Recruiter.

Open your eyes. No one knows the person you want on team like you do. If it's that important, don’t contract out this responsibility.

6. Repel Those You Don't Want.

The best way to make sure you don’t get the volunteers you aren’t looking for is to be the complete opposite to what they are looking for.

7. Set The Bar Where You Want It.

Setting the bar where you want it will determine who can get over it. If your expectations are low then set the bar low. If a little higher, then set that bar a little higher to reflect the responsibility and competency required.

8. Stop Being too Soft.

It is easy to be a little too soft. Squashy is cute, but it doesn't build great volunteer teams.

9. Coach them In And Coach Them Out.

You behave your way into a team and behave yourself out of a team. It is the role of a leader to be the coach along the way, ensuring there is opportunity for development. And ultimately if they are in over their head, you can coach them into a role that suits them.

10. Talk In Their Language.

If you talk a certain way, it attracts a certain type of people. Think about the way you ask for volunteers and think about how you inspire volunteers.