15 People You Need in Your World

When it comes to relationships, it’s important you have the right people in your world. Having authentic relationships with people who understand your role is going to help you keep on track and developing your leadership in all the right areas.

I came across a great article by Adelaide Lancaster which helped me rethink my network. I work from this simple framework (adapted), involving engaging three people in each of these five key areas. These relationships help me in my personal development and leadership.



-People With a Similar But More Established Business/Church/Organisation-

Don’t look at other people as competition—instead, see them as your mentors! Learning what they’ve done well and what they wished they’d done differently can give you insight on what’s worked, plus help you avoid learning things the hard way. This is your dose of wisdom from the trenches.



-Leaders Who You Admire in Another Sector-

It’s easy to be focused solely on your own lane and even it's wider world, but that can limit you from seeing the innovation that exists elsewhere. Think about other areas of society or business you find interesting and consider what they might teach you about your own leadership experience. Pick three people you find fascinating in a wide variety of society—and learn everything you can from them.



-Smart People Who Make You Think Differently-

Similarly, you should connect to people who help you broaden your perspective and see the things in a different light. They can be anyone who asks the tough questions and doesn’t mind pushing the envelope once in a while. Make sure that at least one person in this group is someone who you don’t automatically agree with. Be big enough to allow people to challenge what you think - they can be a great check and balance for your decisions.



-People that Love Being in the Know-

Some people pride themselves on being walking encyclopaedias. Get to know them. Ask them questions often, and take them to coffee to pick their brain from time to time.



-Your Entrepreneurial Pals-

Perhaps most importantly, you need your posse: your confidantes who will cheer you on when things are great, and hear about the worst (with no judgment) when they’re not. This is so important - make sure that you have people you can count on to help out when you need it most.



When you’re putting together this list, remember to have fun with it—these should be people you want to learn from and spend time with! Many slots will be filled by your friends and existing contacts, but don’t be afraid to think big. Reach out and ask—you might be surprised by who’s willing to help.