3 Month Need Test

Recognise any of these common statements from your team leaders....

"Without it the plan isn’t going to work."

"If we don’t get it soon, and we mean real soon, then we may never get an opportunity like this again."

"Not only do we want it but we need it."

"It's a great investment."

"It's the answer to all our prayers."


Today I'm warning you to beware of the 'we need it' factor. The extra piece of equipment, the new hire, the latest computer...the list is endless.

Why does everyone's solution include spending money?

Having children around my house means there are inevitably a lot of wants. There is always the latest gadget, that item of equipment for school or the new game that is advertised everywhere you look. I call them wants but my children call them needs. And they’re sincere about it – they’re convinced that with this ‘thing’ is going to change everything.

The same conversations we have in our homes with our children are the conversations we often find ourselves having with department leaders, visionaries and the creatives. There is always something that someone needs.

The role of a leader is to be able to differentiate between a want and a need.

I heard it suggested recently that we should give everything the 3 month need test. In other words, have an environment where the conversations about what's needed can take place but don't encourage a culture where hasty financial decisions are common. If three months later the need is still there and talked about, then chances are it is indeed a real need and not a hopeful want. If it isn’t mentioned again then hooray, you just made a smart decision.

Its amazing what difference three months can make.