6 Things To Do When You Run Out Of Steam

1. Ask why.

Someone once said that "Experience is a hard teacher because the test is given first and the lesson given afterwards." Leadership can be like this because as a leader you're up front and making the way clear for those following you. So when you're weary from the tests and run out of steam, what do you do? Ask why! Take time out to reflect on what went wrong or what could have prevented you hitting the wall. Everyone needs a time to reflect and pause. A minute of thought is worth an hour of talk - reflect on where you've come from and how you ended up here.

List 3 contributors to you running out of steam

2. Listen why.

Once you've reflected on where you're at and how you got here, involve a mentor and/or someone you trust. The value of another opinion is essential to review the bigger picture and highlight stuff in the shadows you perhaps can't see on your own.

List 2 people you could open up to and get some honest feedback on your situation.

3. Find life-giving environments.

You really need to find some life-giving environments and start hanging out there. What is a life-giving environment? It could be somewhere you laugh a lot, learn, switch off? It could be a conference, a book or a coffee with a mentor. Whatever the life-giving environment looks like for you, get in it or you'll keep running out of stream so often it will define your story.

List 3 environments that fill you with life. Schedule time in your calendar to be there regularly.

4. Commit to growth.

A life of health and growth will increase your capacity. Are you committed to a life of growth? When was the last time you invested in your personal development? Make a decision today to commit to a life journey of personal growth.

List 3 ways you are going to invest in your personal development and do it.

5. Give something up.

It's easy to accumulate 'stuff' on your leadership journey. The result of carrying all this 'stuff' is that you'll run out of steam. What could you drop right now and delegate to someone else on your team? Giving something up will require confidence. Insecure people often run out of steam because they hold on to everything themselves. Develop a life of delegation and empowerment.

List 3 things you could delegate to someone else on your team and do it this week.

6. Design your new future.

If you don't design your new future, someone else will. And their picture of your future will be different to the one you'd design (and need). Are you in control of your calendar? Do you protect your time? Do you have space in your schedule to refresh your soul, replenish your spirit and commit to a healthy lifestyle? If not, get control and design your new future today.

Share your calendar with your mentor and ask them to hold you accountable.