9 Questions For Recruiting The Right People

1. The Character Question.

Most people have good character. Integrity, honesty, dependability, loyalty, trust, etc etc. BUT not everyone does. Anyone in a leadership position requires the basics of good character. Do a reference check, talk to people and get a feel for the person before you commit.

2. The Follower Question.

Check behind them - is anyone following them? If not, they may not be the leader you're looking for.

3. The People Question.

How are they with people? Do they like people - even more, do they love people? How do they treat them? How do they view people? If the don’t like being around people, they could be the wrong choice for your team of leaders and will almost certainly struggle to build a healthy staff or volunteer team.

4. The Time Question.

Simply put, you need someone who navigates time well. Being able to be on time, get things done on time and without wasting time are all important and all contribute to filling or emptying your volunteer teams.

5. The Care For 'One' Question.

Do they see a crowd or do they see an individual? Recruit someone who values the ONE as an individual and watch your team grow as people feel valued and empowered.

6. The Value Question.

What do they value? What they value will determine the decisions they make.

7. The Competency Question.

They may be popular, they may have the look but if they can’t do what you asked, you’ve promoted someone into incompetency and they are going to dive bomb. Don’t put them through it, find a better place for them to slot in and use the gifts they have.

8. The Passion Question.

Passionate leaders are magnetic. Find someone who is full of enthusiasm and self-motivated because they are passionate about the task at hand.

9. The Chemistry Question.

Every leader contributes something unique to the team but their uniqueness must still flow with the vision and with others leading in the organisation. Is there a spark, do they fit with the others, is there any chemistry? If not, you might want to look elsewhere.