9 Reasons You've Got The Wrong Volunteers

1. You weren't clear.

Clarity is such a beautiful thing. It allows you to have those difficult conversations and shows everyone where they’re at. If you weren't clear to start out, it's inevitable you’ll get some volunteers who didn’t see what it was all about.


2. You weren't paying attention.

In the excitement of setting the vision and the business of the project, it’s easy to miss what’s going on. Don’t. You will regret it in the long run.

3. You moved the goalposts.

After the initial call to action the goal posts can often get moved. The target can change and when it does, it can affect the players strengths and what they are prepared to offer.

4. The game has changed.

Sometimes the goal moves then other times the whole game changes. This is a big deal for volunteers and you could find yourself looking for a whole new team. Change happens, but how you walk people through the change is essential to future success.

5. You have changed.

The leaders personality and character is significant and often the deal breaker when a volunteer joins team. You change and it makes a difference to everyone volunteering. There is no avoiding it, for good and bad. Just be aware of this fact and manage it well.

6. Someone else recruited them.

Doing your best with volunteers someone else recruited is a whole lot more difficult than working with those you recruited yourself. It may pay to be in the detail on this one.

7. You won't let them go.

Sometimes you have to release people. If you don’t they soon become the wrong kind of volunteer for your team.

8. You're too soft.

There is a danger of being way too lenient because they are volunteers but going too easy can be an open door for the wrong kind of volunteers to jump aboard your ship.

9. They're all you've got to work with.

In which case, be thankful for them and commit yourself to personally developing them. There are cases where the right people are just not around. Fill the gaps, pull in the slack and be the best you can be until things turn around.