Entitlement Is the Enemy Of Innovation

It is easy to sit easy with a sense of entitlement -  but be warned, it won’t move you forward.

We create and innovate best when we’re in a corner, when finances are lacking or the budget is squeezed. When someone says “no thats not possible” or “you can’t have it”, it can ignite sparks of creativity fuelling a desire to make a way.

Organisations that stagnate have often feasted on entitlement.

The opposite is true of progressive, growing organisations - a sense of ineligibility (in a positive, humble way) keeps a leader on their toes, innovating their way to next base. It’s just my opinion and I can’t back this up with statistics but from what I’ve observed, a sense of entitlement isn’t found in healthy organisations or their leaders.

Major companies across the world today realise this to be true. Apple can’t just sit back and expect that everyone is going to love the iPhone forever. Other manufacturers want in on the action - Samsung, Google and Sony are innovating, all wanting their share of the mobile device cake. Apple cannot allow a sense of entitlement to raid their future, instead they must always appreciate their customers and be thankful for where they are today.

The same is true for churches, charities and governments with the leadership challenge greater than ever. Things have changed. A sense of entitlement is disastrous.

There is work to be done.

Let’s lose the sense of entitlement and innovate.