Hello, I'm A Person

It’s easy to forget that it is a person at the other end of technology. A real living, breathing, smiling (or frowning) human.

Technology makes our lives so much easier. We have more apps than we know what to do with, social media platforms evolving so quickly that if you still tweet you’re so yesterday and if you facebook you’re from the dark ages. And all of this technology makes our lives more productive, in many ways more enjoyable…..but can easily mask those we are trying to lead/reach, blurring our mission and distracting our aim.

At the end of every tweet is a person.

On the receiving end of the email is a feeling.

Behind the newsletter are dreamers.

Before we tweet today, perhaps we could think more. Before we email, reread it and refine what we’re trying to say, and before we bombard everyone with the company email, put yourself in the shoes of the reader.

Smart leaders remember the person they’re trying to lead and use technology to help them do that in a personal way.

Dumb leaders do the opposite.