How's Your Volunteer Turnover?

It's one thing to recruit volunteers and fill your teams but it takes real effort to keep the team in a healthy state so that people stay involved over the long term.

The benefits of longevity of volunteers include experience, leadership development, character and trust. These are just a few of the qualities every great team requires to continue on the path of momentum and growth but what happens when longevity isn’t there?

If your team turnover is high then your team isn’t healthy.

It’s not the end and you’ll still get through but you’ll spend all of your time and energy starting over instead of building on the success of long serving, faithful, reliable volunteers. Turning over your volunteer team leaders regularly will be particularly painful and over time it will wear you down.

So, what are some of the symptoms of high team turnover and why would volunteers leave your team? There are of course many genuine reasons people would want to leave the team but there are many unhealthy factors and it’s these unhealthy reasons we need to work on fixing.

Here are a few ideas;

  1. Not feeling valued

  2. Poor communication

  3. Feeling like a statistic

  4. Not known by name

  5. Being taken advantage of

  6. Not understanding the ‘why’

  7. Losing sight of the ‘cause’

  8. Being mistreated

  9. Not getting along with others on team or the team leader

  10. Getting bored

  11. Unclear expectations

  12. Outgrowing the responsibility

  13. Feeling unworthy

  14. Feeling ill-equipped

  15. Offence

  16. Feeling like they’re missing out

  17. Not having fun

  18. No recognition

  19. Financial cost too high

  20. Poor role models on team and in leadership

  21. Nothing to aspire to

Fix all of the above, you’re a genius and you’ll have the perfect team.

Fix most of them, your team turnover will be low and you’ll soon see a healthy, growing volunteer team.

Ignore them, you’re a fool and you’ll never build great volunteer teams.