Making It Stick

You can have a highly significant message and deliver it with great passion but if it isn't memorable, it could sadly fade into insignificance.

Here's some brief thoughts on making your message stick….

1. Some WORDS are more memorable than others.

As you craft your message give careful consideration to the words you use as some are memorable and others are not. 

2. The right number of POINTS help keep it simple.

Think carefully about how you'll break down your message, in particular how many points you'll have - one, three or ten? Consider how long you have to speak and how much information you want to get across - and remember, sometimes one point is enough!

3. People remember ACRONYMS.

Acronyms help people remember the content of your message and could help your message stick.

4. Everyone loves a SING ALONG.

People remember songs and generally enjoy a sing along. If there's room for a song, it could help your message stick!

5. The perfect RHYME wins all the TIME.

Another simple truth is that people remember rhymes - perhaps you could use this trick to make your message stick


Can you recommend of more ideas on making your message stick?