Prescription For Procrastination

Have you ever been inspired to do something great and never got round to it? Or felt called to build something significant but you never got started? Did you ever feel the time was right to get that new idea off the ground - but didn’t?

Are you cursed by procrastination?


Question: What are you not doing today that you said you'd do yesterday?

Procrastination means: Delaying or postponing something....

Question: “Do you put the 'pro' in procrastination?”

Chris Parkers put it like this....

"Procrastination is like a credit card: it's a lot of fun until you get the bill."


Theres lot's of reasons people delay or put off what they know they ought to do but here are the 4 most common reasons people procrastinate:

1. Indecision

2. Perfectionism

3. Fear

4. Laziness


But don't is at hand.

Here is a Prescription for Procrastination to get you started:


1. Start with YOURSELF

It's so easy to feel inadequate or unqualified for the task ahead. Stop comparing yourself to those around you and begin believing you are the right person at the right time - start with yourself.


2. Start with WHERE YOU’RE AT

Admit to where you're at right now. When you load up your Sat Nav or Google Maps, you can only reach your future destination if you can locate your current location.

What is your current location?

We often don't want to face up to our current circumstances or where we find ourselves but we must if we ever want to get started. You've got to start somewhere so why not start where you're at.


3. Start with ONE GOAL NOT MANY

There’s lots of people aiming high, but few that have a specific goal in mind. Narrow down what you're trying to achieve, stop worrying about doing everything - do one thing at a time. These simple steps will help;

A. Identify your GOAL

What one thing are you trying to achieve this year? Climbing a mountain often gets much easier once you have picked the mountain. Stop procrastinating and decide which goal you're going for.

B. Formulate your GOAL into a number

Why a number? So you can take aim and know if you’ve hit it!

C. Keep your GOAL in sight — literally

Keeping your goal in plain sight will help you be accountable. Stick it on the fridge, your screen saver or send it in a text to 




You'll never be completely ready - you'll be surprised how much momentum you can build simply by getting going. Choose to jump now and build your wings on the way down.