5 Ways To Ask A Question

Asking a question should be easy right? Wrong. Here's 5 keys to ensuring you get the best from your question without sounding like you've just dropped out of the sky.


1. Be specific.

Vague questions are greeted with confused expressions. What are you really asking? Narrow down the point and be specific enough that the person answering the question is without doubt about what it is you are asking.


2. Be short.

Long winded questions simply confuse people and can end up somewhere you never intended it to land. Building on the first point of being specific, be short and to the point.


3. Ask the question, don't answer it.

The worst questions are the ones that aren't really questions. Instead, they are your opinions on your own question, which begs the question.....why ask the question?


4. Ask one question, not five.

Loading up your sentence with way too many questions is another guaranteed way to cause confusion. Have one question and ask that one question - you'll give the person responding a good chance of answering it without being totally confused as to what you just asked.


5. Ask on topic.

Stay on topic. It sounds easy to do but many struggle and wander off topic. This isn't helpful and is unfair on the person responding to the question.


Now you're equipped, ask away.