Growth Traps

Growth is not easy. Everything worthwhile comes with a price. 

In his book, “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth“, leadership expert John C Maxwell unpacks 8 Growth Traps that hinder us from being intentional about moving forward in life. These powerful and though provoking points create a great checklist for ourselves as we analyse whats holding us back.

Use them to see if there is something holding you back from growth;


1. The Assumption Gap –

“I assume that I will Automatically Grow”


2. The Knowledge Gap –

“I don’t Know How to Grow”


3. The Timing Gap –

“It’s Not the Right Time to Begin”


4. The Mistake Gap –

“I’m Afraid of Making Mistakes”


5. The Perfection Gap –

“I Have to Find the Best Way”


6. The Inspiration Gap –

“I Don’t Feel Like Doing It”


7. The Comparison Gap –

“Others are Better Than I Am”


8. The Expectation Gap –

“I Thought It Would Be Easier”




Which of these gaps above have caused you to neglect growing or developing your gifting the way you know you could have?