Spring Clean Your Network

Every leader understands the benefits of having the right people in their world and the value they can add. On the flip side, it's important to recognise if there are people in your network that are disruptive, divisive and devaluing your leadership. Speaker and author Janine Garner gives some great advice on this topic and suggests that we should disassociate ourselves from the following 12 types of people in our network. 

1. “Saboteur” – Will do anything to hurt and ruin you.

2. “Back-stabber” – Enjoys betraying or embarrassing you.

3. “Dream-stealer” – Acts like your friend but will undermine you.

4. “Traitor” – Is two-faced and totally untrustworthy.

5. “Narcissist” – Focuses only on him/herself.

6. “Energy vampire” – Never says anything positive about anybody.

7. “Skeptic” – Is certain anything you say, do or think lacks merit.

8. “Labeller” – Assigns you to a totally confining box.

9. “Villain” – Is mean, malicious and manipulative.

10. “Bully” – Works overtime to intimidate and humiliate.

11. “Liar” – Withholds the truth or spins it to your detriment.

12. “Critic” – Speaks ill of anything you want to do.


Disconnecting from people who can hurt, impede or influence you in the wrong way is essential for future success. Take time this week to write down the names of people in your friendship and/or professional network - assess them against these 12 people types and begin a spring clean of your friendship and network group.