29 Questions For Your Team Retreat

As a team at Home Church we occasionally pause and take time to ask ourselves some honest, sometimes brutal questions about where we're at and hopefully to shine a light on where we're headed. Here are 29 questions our department and ministry leaders worked through recently that brought out some great insights and honest assessments. The result was clarity, implementation of some quick wins and greater excitement about what could be.

If you're planning a 'thinking' day or team retreat, you could use these questions to get the conversation flowing. They're in no particular order and designed to keep the conversation honest, encouraging and challenging!

What are the top 2 reasons people join our church?

What are the top 2 reasons people leave our church?

What are we not very good at?

What do we have a reputation for being good at?

What 1 thing is holding us back right now that we can't fix right away?

What 1 area should we be mastering by now without excuses?

What makes people notice our church?

What 1 thing we do, is currently our biggest waste of time?

One location of 1000 or 4 locations of 250? (scale to your context)

What is our biggest threat to church growth this year?

What is the most common complaint from our congregation and is it justified?

What is the most common compliment we hear from our congregation?

What should be our next staff hire position?

Who in our church is a standout in their faith right now and why?

What could we stop doing that no-one would notice or care about?

Which team needs most help right now?

What trophy do we want on our mantelpiece?

What is the senior leaders biggest irritation right now and can it be resolved?

What counts that we are not counting?

What is our biggest waste of money right now?

What was the last thing you heard in church that made you cringe?

What 1 thing could we do right away that would increase our level of care in our church?

What is our most common excuse for not performing to our potential?

What are you most excited about this year?

What was our latest big, ugly failure and have we learnt from it?

What will your department look like this time next year?

What are we not doing today that God told us to do last year?

Which is the most fun and attractive team in church right now and why?

What was the best message you heard preached in the last 6 months and why?