How Good Is Your Recovery?

Are you ready to make a mistake?


It’s a terrible thought, especially if you’re a ‘go get it’ type of leader - you can’t afford the time, the setback or the inconvenience of slowing down. If you’ve been around for awhile you already know that every leader will make a mistake, its just a matter of when and you’ve got your own story to tell. If you’re just starting out on your leadership journey, you’re either too full of yourself to begin to believe you could make a mistake or too afraid to contemplate the thought.

It’s only a matter of time. So you need to ask yourself something really important......

How good is my recovery?

Recovery is essential. But its not necessarily common. Many people fall, stumble, and never manage to get back up. The failed business, the imploding church plant, the moral failure...... they’re all real and happening every day.

The Bible is filled with failing leaders making mistakes for the rest of history to see. David, Peter, Thomas, Saul, Solomon, to name but a few. The more recent leaders are perhaps just as obvious and unnecessary to name. Jesus gives us a great recovery plan with his extravagant grace yet in the moment of disaster we can so easily fail to recognise and grasp it.

The recovery is something you plan in advance. You make a plan.

You know what you’ll do and how you’ll do it.

If you haven't made a plan, heres a few pointers below to get you started.

  1. Be accountable. (not superficially but authentically)

  2. Stay accountable. (listen when you don’t want to hear what is being said)

  3. Have a mature understanding of Grace.

  4. Extend grace to others regularly.

  5. Beware of pride.

  6. Stay humble.

  7. Don’t judge others.

  8. Know who you’ll call, should you fail.

  9. Be realistic yet optimistic.

  10. Be a friend to those who fall.

  11. Determine you will recover.

  12. Never quite. Refuse to stay down.

  13. Learn from wiser, ‘been there done that’ type leaders - they know a thing or two.

  14. Remind yourself of who lives inside you. And what He is capable of.

  15. Talk to yourself. Remember who you are in Christ. You won’t forget it easy in a crisis.

  16. Don’t make the same mistake twice. That would be foolish. Learn from your mistakes

Lets make sure our recovery is a good one.

I know mine is.....and well practiced.