3 Keys To Deciding With Data

Leaders are faced with making decisions almost everyday. Some are small and seemingly insignificant, others much weightier, nevertheless, they are all decisions.

If there was a way for leaders to make better decisions, we'd want to know right?

I recently spoke to Mike Bugembe, an award winning data scientist, author and entrepreneur and asked him if he could shed some light on the topic. Mike has worked with some of the worlds most influential organisations such as Microsoft, Expedia, Accenture and diamond giant De Beers on on how to get value from the deluge of data and help them improve their decision making. Here's three things he said we could focus on....

1. Ask yourself what are the key decisions you need to make?

2. Collect as much data associated with the topic as you can.

3. Agree what should change about what we do as a result of what we found?

Following these 3 simple steps will leaders get better in their decision making and better decision making is the pathway to success. You can listen to the discussion in full on the Church Unpacked Podcast here