Healthy Transitions

At some point, all of us are faced with leaving a relationship, a responsibility/job, team or even church. Transitioning is important because it affects not only our own personal lives but also those around us. If you are transitioning from one place to another, especially churches, you might like to consider the following and make it a healthy transition.


1. A Healthy Transition Is PLANNED

Don't rush the process and take time to communicate well to all those involved. Be open and honest to your pastors and/or leaders remaining accountable throughout the transition.


2. A Healthy Transition Is PRAYERFUL

Take time to pray through the situation and listen to God's leading. Pray with your leaders and those with a healthy perspective in the church.


3. A Healthy Transition Is PURE

Be transparent at all times, especially with those in leadership and authority. How you leave is as important as why you leave.


4. A Healthy Transition Is PEACEABLE

Stay motivated by your love for Jesus and your desire to serve Him. Always leave in such a way that you can return without tension and so you can be a blessing to the leaders of your last church.


5. A Healthy Transition Is PERSONAL

It is easy for others to become unsettled due to your transition. Never intentionally cause unease or unrest amongst others in the church. If God's spoken to you about transition, recognise that it's a word for you (and your family) and proceed with the best interests of your leaders at the forefront of your mind.



6. A Healthy Transition Is POSITIVE

Change for change sake is never a positive move - neither is transition because of offence or frustration. Positive transition focuses more on the future and not the past..