4 Costs Pioneers Understand

It’s easy to buy into the belief that it’s easy to pioneer something new. Don't buy it. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it... right?

Just ask the guy who just pioneered a new project in the next city. One thing he’ll tell you is that it’s not exactly as they described in the book he was recommended. He’ll tell you how much it’s cost him to get things going. Here's one guarantee you can be 100% sure of - it will cost you in just about every area you imagine!

I’ve discovered the opportunity to pioneer is free but the journey isn’t.

Here are 4 Costs Pioneers Understand:


1. The Cost Must Be Paid Sooner Than You Think.

When you step out into the adventure zone called ‘pioneering’, you’re often all there is and guess what….you’re picking up the bill. When you unpack your dream and begin putting your ideas into action, don’t be surprised when the costs hits you like a tornado. This is what you dreamed of and prayed for, but it all comes at a cost. When you take that big step, there is no time to breeze in and rely on any 28 day payment terms - be ready to pay it on day one.


2. The Cost Will Be Higher Than You Expected.

Whatever you thought the cost would be, double it - to be sure, triple it. Anything great comes with a price-tag and it always exceeds your estimate! The bigger your vision, the bigger the cost.

3. The Cost Must Be Paid More Than Once.

Your dream is not a simply a project, nor an event. I think it’s dangerous to think of it in this way because it gives the impression it’s a short term thing. When you realise your dream is more than just an just a nice idea, you'll begin thinking long term and then accept that there will be recurring costs involved. Don’t be surprised to see the same bill turning up at the table over and over again.


4. The Cost Will Be Paid In Multiple Currencies.

Don’t be naive enough to think the costs involved are all financial. It will cost you financially but that’s only one line on the bill. It will also cost you personally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually...that’s just the start. There will be costs to your family, relationships, dreams and more. Don’t be caught out however - always check the bill to make sure what you’re paying is what is due and not over the odds. There is no satisfaction or real achievement when your dream comes at the expense of your family and health - stay wise.

If you’ve got the fight in you, the creativity, the faith and the courage to count the costs involved, you could be in for the ride of your life. If not, then you could find yourself sitting in the cheap seats of the roller coaster without a seatbelt, approaching a very tight bend.

Every journey is personal, and as a result, so is the price that must be paid for it.

Are you ready to pay the cost?

It will cost you dearly - but it's worth every penny.