Layering Of Authority

The often complex world of leadership empowerment and delegation can be awash with dangers and pitfalls lurking at every turn. Researcher and author Warren Bird condenses the layers of authority as well as anyone I've seen, outlining six layers which move from shallow to deep. They are a useful tool for leaders who are looking for clarity when delegating well.


1. Give me a report on the problem and I'll take action.

2. Study the problem and make a recommendation.

3. Analyse the situation, propose a course of action that you will take, but wait for my approval.

4. Analyse the situation, describe your proposed plan of action, and follow through unless I say no.

5. Take action and tell me what you did.

6. Take care of the situation. No need to report back to me.


Using these six layers of authority will provide clarity to your team and eliminate frustration from confusion of responsibility.