7 Game Changing Traits

Born in New York but raised in Ghana, Mary Spio came back to the US at age 16 with no money and rose from working at McDonald’s to become a deep space engineer.

In her book "It’s Not Rocket Science - 7 Game-Changing Traits for Uncommon Success", she identifies seven traits of successful “Game Changers,” people who change the world.

I found them very inspiring - what do you think?

  1. “Unbridled creativity” – They are energised by curiosity and imagination. 
  2. “Radical passion” – They use their passion to drive change.
  3. Active compassion” – They put their love and compassion into action.  
  4. Obsessive focus” – They zero in on their goals and let nothing distract them.
  5. “Relentless hustle” – Their energy for achieving their goals never flags, and they use every possible resource in pursuit of their goals.  
  6. Extreme audacity” – They don’t fear risks or obstacles.
  7. Pit bu ll tenacity” – They keep going no matter what. They never quit.

My favourite?

7. "Pit bull tenacity"

Which is your fav?