4 Questions Before Your Start

Whether you're managing change in you company, leading in your church or simply taking the lead on a one-off project, it always helpful to start with some strategic thinking. Here are four super important questions that when taken seriously will give you confidence in your way forward towards success.


1. How do you define success?

It's impossible to know if you've hit the target if you never defined what the target looked like. Without knowing what success looks like you're always going to be checking over your shoulder, making unreasonable comparisons and feeling hopeless as you look down the never ending road you're traveling on.

2. What timeframe are you willing to accept?

Once you've defined what success looks like it's time to set some parameters regards timeframes. It is something that needs done within a week, month or year? Perhaps it's a 3-5 year project you're working on. Knowing timeframes allows you to plan effectively and set the pace.

3. What rules govern your actions?

What are the rules of the game? Can you spend budget or are there constraints? There are many questions to answer in this phase of planning all of which narrow down your focus and allow you to be razor sharp in your next steps.

4. Who is umpiring?

Who do you have in place to keep track of progress and hold you accountable? Without an umpire you're likely to define your own success, take as long as you like to get there and break all the rules in the process! Accountability is often the missing piece of the puzzle that poor leaders are happy to never find. Sadly this leads to trouble, finding yourself so off course that failure is inevitable or you end up somewhere you were never supposed to venture.


Use these simple but effective questions in your planning phase and you'll see more success without the unrealistic stress that accompanies the usual unclear missions people find themselves on.