When Your Best Isn't Good Enough

Ever feel like no matter what you do or how hard you try, your best just isn't good enough?

A common place people find themselves, some break through and others get stuck. Those that break through have one thing in common - they get over their frustration and begin to understand why their best isn't good enough.

1. You're playing out of position

Sometimes we simply find ourselves playing in the wrong position on the team. We all have skills and talents that make some things come easier to us than others but no one is the best at everything. Let that sink in for a moment. Yes I'm saying that you may be playing a role you're destined to fail in. As shocking as that may sound at first, upon reflection it makes perfect sense. Sometimes we ask to play in a different position and sometimes we're asked to play out of position - either way can lead us to flounder because it's not what we're gifted for.

2. The bar has been raised

Sometimes we simply find ourselves out of our depth because the bar has been raised higher than we're capable of rising to ourselves. Of course there is always opportunity for us to grow and develop in a way that takes us to the next level in the game but that's not always the case. If the bar has been raised to a height we simply can't reach then there is a chance we may feel we are under performing.

3. The goal posts have moved

Perhaps the rules of the game have changed and you’re no longer clear about the objectives you’re working towards. This is common in fast moving, innovative environments with entrepreneurial leadership at the helm. When things are constantly changing it is really easy to find yourself out of your depth and your head in a spin.

So, what’s the answer?

Here’s some advice…

  1. Spend time working on what only you can do and become better within your area of expertise.

  2. Work on your flexibility and learn to adapt to change quickly.

  3. Embrace your limitations, recognising the fact you can't do everything.

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