This program is comprised of 12 bite sized lessons based on my book ‘Leadership Locker’ and is designed with the goal of helping teenagers learn some essential leadership principles. The Leadership Locker Youth Academy will introduce you to the idea that you can become a great leader and inspire you to take practical steps towards getting there.

This program offers an opportunity for you to become a catalyst for positive leadership and is based on principles you can easily teach to others — principles that people can admire, implement, and use to make a positive impact in their everyday world.

Andrew Cherrie

Founder and Author of The Leadership Locker


This programme has been designed to help you do 4 things:

  1. Gain a good understanding of what it means to be a leader.

  2. Take responsibility for your personal and leadership development.

  3. Equip you to help others become great leaders.

  4. Make a positive difference in your school/college/uni/work.


The training method of this programme is very simple but highly effective.

  • Students will learn 12 leadership principles.

  • Students access each lesson online, keeping a comprehensive journal as evidence of progress, recording tasks undertaken.

  • Each lesson encourages practical application to re enforce the principle in focus.

  • Each principle can be worked through at a pace that suits the student.

  • To obtain a certificate of completion, students must work with a mentor for support and accountability as well as submit a learning journal as evidence of completion.


  • Lesson 1: Get Organised

    • Organisation

    • Planning

    • Focus

  • Lesson 2: Stay Disciplined

    • Discipline

    • Reliability

    • Commitment

  • Lesson 3: Count The Cost

    • Integrity

    • Decision Making

    • Character

  • Lesson 4: Fail Forward

    • Humility

    • Teachability

    • Resilience

  • Lesson 5: Own It

    • Responsibility

    • Courage

    • Initiative

  • Lesson 6: Practice Generosity

    • Selflessness

    • Security

    • Servanthood

  • Lesson 7: Think Positive

    • Positive Attitude

    • Big Thinking

    • Vision

  • Lesson 8: Find Your Superpower

    • Gifting

    • Skill Development

    • Security

  • Lesson 9: Get Over Stuff

    • Team Work

    • Listening

    • Communication

  • Lesson 10: Pass On What You’ve Learned

    • Developing Leaders

    • Team Building

    • Mentorship

  • Lesson 11: Be A People Person

    • People Skills

    • Communication

    • Relationships

  • Lesson 12: Solve Problems

  • Problem Solving

  • Persistence

  • Creativity

Certificate of Completion

You will receive a certificate of completion when you have:

  1. Notified us that all 12 lessons have been completed.

  2. Submitted a comprehensive learning journal as evidence of progress.

  3. We receive an end of programme recommendation from your nominated mentor.


This programme includes:

  • Access to over 36 short online leadership lesson videos from Andrew Cherrie

  • Bit sized exercises to reinforce your learning

  • Certificate upon successful completion of the programme

To be considered for the Leadership Locker Youth Academy Programme complete the form below: